Nollywood could write this…but they didn’t.

I was dressed to kill in a nice black tux and a royal blue bow tie with flowery patterns and a pocket filler to match on a serene Friday Night in the middle of the month of August, 2013. Obviously, I was attending a dinner and I happily trotted into the banquet hall by past 8:00pm to take my seat at a table of 4. I was the last to arrive and I gladly exchanged pleasantries with the guests already seated all the while, armed with a great smile on my face.

We were 3 guys on that table and our table was graced with an amazingly beautiful girl who was sculpted by The Maker in the shape of a coke bottle and was blessed with the voice of a siren; Kate (oh God.. Some people are just beautiful without regard and effortlessly take your breath away…mama mia, mhn mhn mhn).

I struck up a conversation that would involve everyone seated at that table but yunno, there’s this thing that a woman does to a man that you can’t help but just wanna get her attention and this was exactly the scenario that was playing out between Kate and I.

Seeing as I ain’t Jason Momoa, it didn’t matter if I was feeling like a million dollars because Kate didn’t seem to be interested in me and happily tapped away at the screen of her phone, obviously engrossed in a conversation with her friends and some dude (she gotta be talking to some dude mehn cos she was smiling really sheepishly every time her phone beeped). So I focused my energy on more productive things like enjoying the company of the other guys and having a nice experience at the dinner and boy!! it was a wonderful event.

As the event was in some other part of the country, I returned to base the next day wishing I had collected her number then I thought to myself “Baby girl wasn’t interested in you so why would you have wanted her number?” I convinced myself that I made the right decision and gladly forgot about Kate. You know how the universe is tricky right? Well, the celestial bodies conspired to play tricks on me when I returned to Kate’s vicinity for an event in 2017. It had been 4 years and Kate was nowhere around the pleasant memories in my mind. Fact is, I chose not to remember her but I have a thing for remembering the full names of people who left me some sort of impact (trust me, you wouldn’t wanna forget a girl with a coke bottle for a body). I was determined to make new friends and I did.

Unknown to me at the time, I left an impression on some of the delegates at that event but none more important than the one I left Rosie. We were required to put down our names and phone numbers so some WhatsApp group will be formed and we all did. I woke up on a beautiful Thursday morning to a message on my phone from an incredibly beautiful girl and it read “Hi, I’m Rosie…We met at the conference but you didn’t notice me because you were busy with some of your older friends and acquaintances”. It’s not everyday that a baby girl sends a dude a message in this part of the world right?…Right.

We became engrossed in an amazing conversation and someway, I knew we were gonna be great friends. Being a hopeless romantic, I had already planned our family together in my head, 1 boy, 1 girl all blessed with her gorgeous smile (please don’t judge me…what did you expect? Y’all would do the same if a pretty girl or handsome guy sent you a message out of the blue). However, it wasn’t to be as the intensity, desire and fire in our conversations died out. 2019 was a great year for many reasons as Rosie messaged me again for the first time in a very long while. This time, it was different. I felt wanted, I felt her desire, she called me at random, wanted to know how my day was going, always wanted to be a part of it. We would exchange messages till the early hours of 3:00am no matter how early we started to converse from the previous day. I loved the intensity, I loved everything about our “friendship”.

We had plans for her to come over to my town to see me but unfortunately, they couldn’t materialize. She was there for me through my trying times in that year and I remain eternally grateful to her. Things were rosy with Rosie and life could not be complicated until it was my birthday. She put my picture up on her WhatsApp Status and her best friend said to her, “I know this guy”. She was very excited to introduce me to her best friend and I in turn, was excited to meet this person! What? No!! Come on!! The universe was at it again. Her best friend happened to be Kate.

Of all the people in the world! I asked her to give my number to Kate so she’d chat me up and she did but Kate declined. I still couldn’t believe I finally had access to Kate after so many years. It took me a few months but my curiosity got the best of me and I asked Rosie for Kate’s number and with Kate’s permission, I got her number. Now here’s the thing; Rosie and I have become a bit distant for inexplicable reasons while Kate and I are striking up a great bond slowly but surely.

Plot twist: I am Crazy about Rosie and I have nothing but pure intentions for her but we’ve become distant. Kate and I however, are getting really too close for comfort and she’s willing to give me the time of my life for the sake of what could have been so…

Please don’t throw blames at me for asking for Katie’s number from Rosie as it had to be done but if you were in my shoes, what would you do?

PS: Rosie’s still being a bit distant even though she claims to miss me all the time.

This isn’t Fiction; it’s a true life story.

I told ya….My life is like a movie right now.



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