You know those stories that you read and feel all sorts of emotions at once? This is that kind of story…..

This happened to someone I know so I decided to share.

Nneka, like many women her age, had a successful career and marriage. She had two beautiful kids (a girl and a boy) with her husband of seven years and even though little problems arose once in a while, they got fixed and life moved on.

One day, she had the idea to bring one of her sisters from the village to the city so she could attend school. Being the third out of fifteen children, she wanted to do the best she could to make life better for her other siblings. So she conferred with her husband, Olatunde, who was a lecturer in another state and they came to a conclusion; her sister Chizoba would apply to the university where her husband worked and stay at their family house during the holidays.

Having worked out the finer details of the arrangement, Nneka spoke to her mother about the plan before proceeding to let her sister know. Chizoba, who always hoped to leave the village someday, was excited when she heard the news. She wouldn’t just be visiting the city, she would be attending school as well. 

When Chizoba got to the city, Nneka and Tunde(as he was fondly called) helped her with all the necessary arrangements needed to get into the university then she gained the admission and started school afterwards. A short time later, Nneka had a work conference to attend in Lagos so she had to leave her kids, who were still really young, at home. But she was not disturbed because she felt they were in good hands with her sister and husband looking after them. Unknown to her, Tunde and Chizoba had other plans.

On getting to Lagos, she called her family to find out how they were doing and if there was any problem. Her children who were eager to talk to their mother, tried to tell her something but they were hushed before they could say anything. As Nneka would find out later, her kids were trying to tell her that husband and sister had been sleeping in the same room since she left for Lagos.

Life went on normally until a few years later when Nneka found out that her husband had been having extramarital affairs. What made it worse was the fact that the it was with her younger sister,Chizoba. To add insult to the injury, the evidence of their affair was two children. It further turned out that Tunde had rented an apartment for Chizoba close to her school, where their sexual activities had continued over the last few years. So whenever Tunde was not at home on the pretext of going to lecture his students, he would go to Chizoba’s apartment and stay for days. Nneka was torn beyond words, her entire world had fallen apart and she had no idea what to do.

With so much pain in her heart, she turned to their mother for solace but the older woman did not see anything wrong in what her sister did. Nneka was shocked beyond imagination. Not only had her younger sister betrayed her, but their own mother was saying Chizoba had no fault.

After some time passed, her husband apologized and for the sake of her kids, Nneka decided to accept his apology and save her marriage. But such an event is like an open wound that never heals, even with time.

Nneka vowed not to let any of her siblings stay with her anymore and only gave financial assistance whenever she could. She also refused to accept the children her husband had with Chizoba and said she would have nothing to do with them.

At this point, you all are probably wondering how Nneka never found out her sister was pregnant during all those years. Well, Chizoba always lied to her sister that she was in the village during the holidays and Nneka, being the trusting woman she was, never doubted it. I mean, how could she have known that something this terrible was going on right under her nose? 

Years have passed. Nneka’s children (all grown up now), are aware of what happened and hate their father for it, Tunde is trying to be the best father he can be and Nneka still refuses to have anything to do with her sister’s kids.

As for Chizoba, things had gone awry before she could complete her education so she dropped out of school to raise her kids. Her kids are all grown now but they have no relationship with Nneka’s children. And as for the relationship between she and her sister? Well.. let’s just say things will never be the same again between them. 

If it were you in Nneka’s shoes, what would you do ? Would you decide to stay with your husband or would you walk away? Can you ever forgive your sister and your mother? And would you accept your sister’s children as part of your family?




  • Chinazzy

    Damn!!! This is depressing man… Well as for me ooo I no marry again… I will forgive oo but I don’t need that kind of toxicity at all both mother, sister and husband.

  • Adetola

    Plus the mother, the husband and the sister, the way i’ll distance myself from them ehn. People won’t believe i once knew them

  • Mrs. Chim

    If it were a one time thing, chances are I’d have somehow found it within me to see past it for the sake of marriage, the children, [thought trust once broken can never be regained] but seeing as he shamelessly [겁도 없이!] kept at it, I would have walked out the door. The very instant I found out. I would have to explain to the children, yes.. but I wouldn’t have sacrificed by integrity and dignity for a man who had no intentions of treasuring it anyways. Why should I have to live with that conscience while he sleeps peacefully at night knowing it took some grovelling to right his wrong and that the children were now the shackles that held me in that house. Nope. Jesus christ. I cant even begin to imagine the emotional torture.

    But also before I go, I’ll make sure his balls have been fed rightfully to our pet dog. And we don’t have one, grinded in the grinder and tossed into the wilderness while I drive off into the sunset towards a toxic free, independent life. It would be hard. But I’m sure much much better.

  • Ody

    Dis is terrible, as for me I would walk away from all of them, mom sister husband, and my children will be coming with me too, a difficult choice but one that must be made..

  • Nnedi Azolike

    There is nothing to think about here. I will cut off every existing tie with that husband, sister and mother. But o wouldn’t mind having a relationship with the children of my sister, afterall, they never had a choice in the whole affair and didn’t beg to be born.

    • Bosky

      If I was in Nneka’s shoes. I would leave the marriage. I would walk away from the marriage. No I can’t forgive my sister and mother because they knew all along and didn’t say something. No I won’t accept my sister children as part of the family because I’d already be out of the family.

  • Kasi

    There’s no way I’d stay in that marriage. Seeing as it can’t even be called a marriage anymore as trust has been broken, respect has been lost and there’s no love to be found. It’s hard walking out of a relationship when you have invested most of your life and time but the alternative would be to look upon this ingrate everyday screaming murder in your head and no one deserves to live that way. I’d pack up my bags, my kids and my self-respect and walk the hell away! As for the mother and sister, even if hell freezes over, there’s no way they’d ever be let back into my life or that of my children.

  • Oluwatosin Abioye

    This is really hard to say, but the marriage should be dissolved and a the court should ensure the husband take care of his initial children. As for her sister and family member, she should cut off from toxic people. No time

  • Joy

    Walking away might not be the best decision to take just because of their kids…. what has happened has happened but let none of the family member come visiting let alone to stay at all

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