The grass ain’t always greener on the other side…

These words, thrown about so casually, yet taken to heart by so many. These simple words have aided many toxic relationships and broken many a heart. When you’re looking for the courage to break out of something so unbearable you can’t condone it any longer, these words get thrown at you and you lose that flicker of hope that things might be better with someone else.

“Maybe the next person will be worse”, “Maybe I won’t meet someone nice so why not stick with this one?”

To crown it all, the saying ‘the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know’ comes up.

I’m not disputing any of these sayings. They’re right, sometimes (emphasis on sometimes).

The grass may not always be greener on the other side but you haven’t tried yet! You have not seen the grass on the other side to know if it’s greener or not. If you do try and it ain’t as green as you want, then please keep trying other fields of grass until you find the one which is as green as green can be and which would never turn brown. Find that endless field of green grass and be happy.

Don’t use these words to justify toxicity! Don’t stay with someone who won’t treat you the way you deserve just because ‘the grass might not be greener on the other side’. The devil you know might be better than the angel you don’t know, but try first and see. The next person might just be an actual angel.

Find someone who treats you right, find your green grass, and find your angel! But first of all, learn to love yourself, and be your own angel!

I know this sounds like a rant about grass but I hope you got the point. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section darlings! Sending you all love and light!


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