I have been way too busy to put out these weekly playlist articles but I’m trying my best to keep up. So, here’s a rundown of my top 5 songs for the week. I’ve also inserted the songs so that you can listen and decide whether you want to download them or not.

5. Holiday by Lil Nas X

I have been a fan of Lil Nas X since Old Town Road came out and recently, I have been impressed by his confidence. This song is definitely the type that you’d nod your head to while driving. It’s a total bop and the music video is so aesthetically pleasing that I watch it frequently.

4. Mood by 24kGoldn ft Ian Dior

This rap/hip-hop single is one of those songs that once it starts playing, you start to move. I absolutely love it and I have a feeling you would too if you take the time to listen.

3. Cash App by Bella Shmurda, Zlatan and Lincoln

Almost every Nigerian I know has this track on their playlist and not without reason. It is THAT SONG! Once it comes on, you have no choice but to dance. I put it on replay for an entire day and I didn’t even get tired at all! If you haven’t listened to it yet, you definitely should so you can understand the hype.

2. Fly To My Room by BTS

Part of their latest album released a week ago, this track gives me all the feels. Whenever BTS releases an album, I can’t seem to pick a favorite track and it’s the same this time. Last week, Dis-ease was my favorite but this week, Fly To My Room has been on replay. It’s worth a listen!

1. I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston

I know most of you reading this are familiar with this track. If you’re not, you need to hit the play button NOW! Even though it was released in the 80s, this song never gets old. If you know me, you’d be familiar with my obsession for old tracks especially 80s music. Watching Pose made me go back to this amazing song and it brought back so many memories of dancing with my parents.

So, what is your current favorite song? Let me know in the comment section! You can also check out the previous weekly playlist article here


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