Hello darlings, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

While lots of folks are saying this could be Jumanji part 2(2020 was supposedly part 1), I beg to differ. Our thoughts, no matter how inconsequential we think they are, could actually tilt things in a more positive or negative direction which is why we’re always advised to have positive thoughts.

On a lighter note, if this were indeed Jumanji, a whole lot of us wouldn’t have survived(I’m sure I’ll be the first to go because I cannot come and kill myself).

This year, instead of dwelling on all the negative occurrences, take a few minutes to think of the positive ones as well. Think of all the beautiful things and people you’ve been blessed with and give gratitude for them. In 2020, we realized how fragile our mental health can be, so this year, try to devote more time to yourself. Take some time off social media once in a while, read new books, listen to new music and discover new artistes, learn new skills, meet new people, forge new bonds, eat healthy, get an exercise regimen that works for you and most importantly, strengthen your relationship with The Almighty. Live each day like it’s your last!

I have so much content that I want to create this year even though most of them require money that I don’t have, yet. I want to share a lot of things with all of you wonderful people who seem to enjoy the work I put out. TSG articles will continue to be on this blog until we get a separate website, new episodes of my podcast will soon be available as well and of course, I have a few stories up my sleeve that I’ll soon be sharing via writing. Before I forget, new videos will be up soon as well(may the force be with me). I will also be doing book and movie reviews whenever I can so stay tuned!

With all that said; LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!! Let’s all face 2021 together, with belief that it is the year we’ll all grow, and glow, together!

What are some of your plans for 2021? Give me a sneak peek in the comment section. I always love when my readers engage.

P.s: We’re pleased to announce that the Cassywrites app is now available for android users. With this, you can get access to all the articles and also engage without the hassle of having to use the website all the time. To download the free app, click here.

We are working hard to get the app on the Google play store and Apple store as soon as possible so please, bear with us.

Thank you!!


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