I remember ruining my best dress when I was very little because I wouldn’t stay away from water and you having a panic attack because I almost drowned.

I remember pouting and throwing tantrums because I didn’t like an outfit that you wanted me to wear.

I remember sitting with you in the living room, watching all the classics, laughing and crying together.

I remember fangirling over Michael Jackson with you and us singing to his tracks as loudly as we could.

I remember the long conversations about everything and nothing in particular. The way you would laugh when I said something funny was priceless.

I remember going to the hospital with you and dad on days I didn’t have school and playing ‘little nurse’ while you and the other nurses laughed.

I remember you giving me my first book and watching me develop into a full blown nerd, just like you and dad. Swapping books with you was something I always looked forward to.

I remember discovering your photo album, seeing how beautiful, fashionable and bad-ass you were and you finally telling me stories of your escapades in London.

I remember you telling such beautiful stories that I always retold but never quite seemed to tell them as good as you did.

I remember you walking in to ‘Studio 54’(which I had no idea was porn made into a movie) playing on the TV and getting really angry and disappointed. I was lost in my book and wasn’t even paying attention to the movie. I got quite an earful that day though.. phew!

I remember you attending all my school events until your legs started hurting and wouldn’t let you move around like you wished. Even when you weren’t there physically, you made sure your presence was felt.

I remember you bringing food, provisions, new sheets, clothes and all other extra stuff every visiting day in high school. The one time you missed, I almost had a heart attack until I was told you went to get something registered in Abuja.

I remember you telling me that I would be great someday if I kept working hard and trusting God.

I remember you setting aside bits of chicken in the kitchen while you cooked just so I could have a taste. You also kept little portions of tomato paste aside even though you couldn’t understand my obsession with it.

I remember crying and telling you I wanted a baby brother or sister while you looked on, bemused.

I remember all the fights we had and how you’d apologize by cooking my favorite meal.

I remember watching all the Filipino telenovelas with you anytime I’m home and venting each time the villain makes a move.

I remember you being so proud when I got admitted on merit to study medicine.

I remember you and dad swapping food each time he came around. He’d cook and bring it over then you in turn would serve him with the food you cooked.

I remember you breaking your back for your family and crying each time they hurt you, much to my chagrin. But you always asked me to forgive and love them because they were my family too.

I remember you calling frequently to check up on me and getting worried anytime I didn’t pick up.

I remember all the times I got sick and how you’d stay right by my side until I got better.

I remember your face before I left, watching me intently and holding back tears.

I remember how happy you always looked whenever we had a video call.

I remember you listening to my podcast episodes and marveling at how brilliant I was. You even made your sisters and friends listen.

I remember all the sacrifices you made just so I could smile.

I remember how full of love you were, how kind you were and how much you loved The Creator.

I remember you loving me unconditionally and reminding me of just how much you loved me each time we spoke.

I remember waiting for your call that never came and finally realizing I won’t get to see your face or hear your voice again.

Above all, dear mother whom I love the most, I remember you being a literal shining star, one whose light would never dim.

I’ll miss you every passing day but I’m glad I have these vivid memories of you which are mine to treasure as long as I live. I love you forever and a day more mummy!

Farewell Queen!


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