“Elsa, why aren’t you dressed yet?” I ask my friend as I come out of the bathroom and see her at the desk, studying.

“I told you I don’t feel like going to the party Christine. Please just let me sit this one out.”

“No, you’re going,” I reply stubbornly, pouting for effect.

“You promised you’d accompany me this time and you’re not one to go back on your word.”

“Parties are not my thing and you know it. I haven’t been able to attend one in such a long time. I don’t even have the appropriate clothes. Let’s just stay at home and binge watch movies on Netflix.”

I look at my friend who also happens to be my roommate intently. Her usually clear electric blue eyes are much darker at the moment, meaning she was going through some sort of inner turbulence. My best guess is, she’s nervous. Truth be told, my friend was the biggest nerd in the universe and not the kind of nerd that liked to loosen up once in a while. Elsa’s idea of fun was relaxing on the porch with a novel or binging on Netflix.

I, on the other hand, loved to party when necessary. We just finished our semester exams and I needed to unwind. So when we got the invitation to Asher’s birthday party, I had jumped on it. Shocking thing was, we got a direct invitation from the birthday boy himself. Who would have thought?!!

“No Elsa, we’re going! Please don’t make me go alone. I have just the perfect outfit in mind and I’m sure it would look bomb on you.”

Without listening to the rest of her protests, I rushed to my wardrobe and picked up a black dress I had never worn, then passed it to her. It was simple and had thin straps and would definitely look gorgeous against her milk chocolate skin. She looked at me pleadingly once more before sighing in resignation. Since she already showered, she stripped and started to pull the dress over her head before I stopped her.

“Wait just one second Elsa!” I said loudly.

“What?!” She groaned, her brows furrowed in frustration.

“You’re not wearing that underwear to the party for goodness sake!”

“Why? I mean they’re comfortable. And I’m not planning to undress.”

“Doesn’t matter. Wear those black lacy ones we got at Macy’s, they look amazing on you.”

“Jesus Christ Christine, it’s just a party. Nobody cares about my underwear.”

“Well I do! Come on, get to it.”

She reluctantly headed to the wardrobe while I watched her with keen eyes. I had to be sure she was dressed before I started on myself. When she was done, I looked at her in awe. She was so beautiful! The painful thing was, she didn’t even realize it. I finally tore my eyes away from her to hurriedly dress up. When I was done, I fixed her hair and applied light make up to both our faces. Simple jewelry, ankle-strap heels and mini-bags added the final touches to both our outfits.

“You should dress up more often. You look stunning!” I said to Elsa while we waited for our ride.

“You’re just trying to make me feel good,” she replied with a frown, obviously not buying my compliment.

“I’m serious! Don’t worry, other people at the party will say the same thing. Maybe you might believe them.”

“That’s what you say every time I dress up,” She said with a scoff and when she turned away, I could see the tiniest of smiles lifting one corner of her mouth.

I was just about to reply when a blinding light stopped the words. The accident happened in seconds and just like countless others before me, I saw my life flash before my eyes, and I wondered briefly if I would make it to the good place. The last thing I heard was Elsa’s scream, a scream so loud it pierced my bones. A scream I was certain I would never forget.


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