Two weeks ago, I was viewing WhatsApp status updates and came across a good friend’s update which said ‘Not my friends wondering how I was able to post memes’ and I had to ask her what happened. She told me she had almost been robbed and she was still shaken by the incident. Thankfully, she was safe and the robber hadn’t succeeded. So we started discussing posting memes even when we feel really sad. She then said posting memes should be added to hobbies and skills and I agreed with her.

When I heard about my mum’s passing, I was devastated and felt like I couldn’t go on. I wasn’t on the internet, I didn’t want to do anything or talk to anyone, so I just stayed in bed for the most part. Two days after I heard the news, I decided to just go online and find a way to cheer myself up. I came across some memes, laughed for the first time in two days and then reposted them on WhatsApp. My contacts had to ask if I was okay and they too, wondered why I was posting memes and acting so normal. The only reply I had was ‘I’m not okay, but I will be eventually.’

This is only one instance of so many scenarios where someone feels really upset about or bothered by a particular thing but still laughs at memes and reposts them to make others laugh. The meme culture has become a coping mechanism for this generation and no matter how sad you’re feeling, a hilarious meme would make you crack a smile at least. Nigerians especially, have gotten through the most trying times simply by laughing at memes and what we like to call ‘catching cruise’.

Many a time, I’ve heard people on my contact list say ‘Your memes are life,’ or ‘We always look forward to your updates because they make us laugh’. And on days I don’t post, I get calls and messages asking if I’m okay.

Truth is, posting these memes has helped me cope with some really difficult situations and I also love that someone going through a hard time can laugh because of things I’ve posted.

I know some people think of those posting memes as immature but the thing is, we all need a huge dose of laughter daily to get through all the difficulties in our daily lives. Being too serious never helped anyone and laughter, they say, is a broom that sweeps away the cobwebs of the heart.

So just remember to live, love and laugh!

Please leave a comment if you’re also in the meme tribe!

Happy new month fam!


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