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REV Movie Review: A Critic’s Opinion


REV was directed by Ant Horasanli, written by Ant Horasanli and Reza Sholeh, and was officially released on August 3rd, 2020.

The motto “You Gotta Take What’s Yours” refers to stealing cars, stealing girlfriends, and stealing freedom.

REV as a word means revolutions of an engine per minute. As for REV the movie, well it’s much more than that. As a blueprint about a car thief who becomes an informant to bust up a vehicle smuggling ring, REV is a familiar story that’s well-told, case in point Fast and Furious. Shot in Toronto, Ontario, it was quite clear that they didn’t have an extravagant budget, so I didn’t expect much going in.


The film follows Mikey (Francesco Filice), a young man with a history of stealing cars, who becomes an informant and helps the police bring down a criminal syndicate, involved in the smuggling of hundreds of exotic and rare supercars. This movie review contains my honest opinion of REV, written to give insight into the important details of the film. I hope you enjoy the read.


To begin, I have to give a toast to Francesco Filice, our main character. Everything from his voiceovers, his introductions to other characters and their backstories, and his lessons about stealing cars was awesome. His acting was quite believable and honestly, I was impressed and learned a few things too (not that I’m planning to become a car thief).

I saw the thumbnail on a pirate website and the first question that popped up in my mind was “could this be a Fast and Furious type of movie?”. Though the Fast and Furious franchise is a whole league on its own, I still had some hope and expectation because REV had a lot of cars (I’m a car guy!).

I wasn’t expecting much going into this movie with actors I’d never seen or heard of, and I also noticed that the movie was written by a director or writer that I’d also never heard of until now.

The film starts out with our protagonist who quits his job in computer repairs in a dramatic way to steal cars for money and finds himself stealing the wrong car, A 1965 Ford Shelby GT Cobra (for the car community who are probably curious). Once caught, he is given a choice to go to jail for life or become an undercover agent and infiltrate a group that is stealing luxury sports vehicles for export. And honestly? He should’ve picked life imprisonment.

Now REV does have its share of stylish supercars and some of them partake in some good old-fashioned, albeit not very good drifting. But the movie is more of a glitz and glitter drama, with a twist and an underground spectacle with a mob feel.

Rev movie review


The cast of REV is confident, yet unknown. You got the car booster, Mikey, the protagonist, depicted by Francesco Filice who also doubled as the narrator and he did that perfectly. There’s also Sean Rey playing the respectable criminal mastermind, hats off to him. Of course, every mastermind needs to have a lady that he protects right? That role was played by Hannah Gordon as Ava. These characters are like low-key versions of Dominic Torreto, Paul O’ Brian, and Letty Ortiz (I don’t have friends, I’ve got family).

I wasn’t impressed with Alex Loubert as Sammy. I’m not sure if the problem was his acting or role, but it could be both because he did do a bit too much and looked more like the villain than the original villain, Koflex (Sam Asante).

I also wasn’t impressed by Vivica A. Fox, who played Detective Reid, she overdid her role and was surely not convincing, so it made me dislike her quite a bit.

Although Ava’s role in the movie was quite unclear to me, she started off great, then I noticed the seduction in progress, but the ending had me confused. Is she dating both Charlie and Mikey, or is it just Mikey now?



So…. is it similar to Fast and Furious? As far as an undercover cop infiltrating a gang of car thieves goes, it’s quite similar, but that’s as far as the similarities go. The movie is not really about the cars or a heist as I’d hoped, but it’s a different kind where the protagonist gets in too deep and it’s a bit of a thrill ride, making you wonder whether he’ll get out alive, end up dead or get thrown in prison.

So, no, it’s not a Fast and Furious wanna-be. The movie does have a few annoying filler scenes though, that go into a bad montage of drifts and speeding around the city. Scenes that fail to add excitement to the film and definitely could’ve been done better, but all around I’d give it a 4.5/10.

With that said, it’s not such a bad movie to watch, but it’s definitely nothing you would want to see again. Watch it only if it sounds like something you might be interested in, but it’s not a must-watch.



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