Can you keep a secret?


  • “Relationships are all about trust and equality. If one person shares, then the other person should share too.”- Emma, Can You Keep A Secret?

Ever thought of sharing all your secrets with a total stranger and calling it a day? Well, Sophie Kinsella gives you all the reasons why you should (or shouldn’t), in yet another masterpiece of hers titled Can You Keep A Secret?

Published in March 2003 and adapted into a movie in 2019, the book is a work of fiction that falls into the Romance, Chick-lit, and Comedy genres.



Set in modern England, the story spins around Emma Corrigan, a young and ordinary woman who everyone describes as basic. She is in a relationship with the seemingly perfect man and is attempting to climb the corporate ladder at the company she works for. Emma has a lot of secrets that not even Lissy, her best friend in the world knows about. Secrets that if revealed would be both embarrassing and mortifying and she does a good job of keeping them to herself until she spills them to a complete stranger on a plane. The only problem is, he’s not a stranger.

Can you keep a secret book review


Plot And Theme

I’ve been a fan of Sophie ever since I read the Shopaholic series and I can tell you that Can You Keep A Secret? is yet another page-turner. At first, it seems like a basic romance novel with a happy ending but certain twists are unexpected and make you want to keep reading till the end. Emma, the main character is just like a lot of us, with secrets we never want anyone to know until a situation makes us spill it out, preferably to someone who does not know us.

The portrayal of a young woman who doesn’t exactly know what career path to choose or focus on is relatable and shows that just like Emma, a lot of us don’t have our lives figured out and strive each day to make something of ourselves, amidst pressure from family and society. The book language is fairly simple, conversational, and undeniably funny.

The beauty of friendship is also portrayed and it goes again without saying that having at least one good friend in the world makes life a bit more bearable. There’s also the pointer that the person who you think is perfect, might not be so perfect after all.

However, I don’t think anyone would have someone like Jemima around and still call her a friend. I mean, her character was painfully annoying and though I understand the writer had a reason, I feel she should have been left out of the plot, entirely. Asides from Jemima’s character and the obvious cliché ending, it was quite an entertaining read. And as far as romance novels go, cliché endings are the norm.

Sophie Kinsella


Emma Corrigan: Emma is a normal girl who just wants nothing more than to climb the corporate ladder at work and be recognized for her talent. She’s brave and has a whole lot of secrets. She’s also impulsive and draws up conclusions without asking the people involved, but this is something a lot of people do. Emma’s character is relatable and somehow endearing.

Jack Harper: Our hero is a man of many talents. Even with his turbulent upbringing and shaky relationship with his father, Jack is thoughtful and kind. He wants to live fully and not be regarded just as his father’s son, but as a hardworking and talented man. He always wants to do the right thing and gets misunderstood several times.

Lissy: One of Emma’s housemates and oldest friends, Lissy was an exceptional friend. Not scared to tell Emma the truth, and always there to lend a listening ear, Lissy was not only a loyal friend but a wise one as well.

Like I said before, I felt Jemima didn’t add much to the plot except her flashy clothes and annoying attitude which I wished were non-existent. But perhaps the author had her reasons and I’m simply just biased because I didn’t like her character.

Sophie Kinsella


If you’d like something lighthearted to read especially after having a bad day, then you should pick this one up. Also, if you like comedy or books that would leave your ribs aching from laughter, then again, this book is for you. I recommend it and other Sophie Kinsella books as you’ll find them highly entertaining and hilarious. All in all, I will give this 3.8 out of 5 stars.

Can You Keep A Secret?  Is available on Amazon and the author can be contacted via her website or Instagram page.

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