Verity book review

Verity By Colleen Hoover-A Fun Romantic Thriller For Every Weather


“I can’t explain the mind of a writer to you, Jeremy. Especially the mind of a writer who has been through more devastation than most writers combined. We’re able to separate our reality from fiction in such a way that it feels as if we live in both worlds.”-Verity

When it comes to books that exceed your expectations and leave you with quite a few questions, Verity is certainly one of them. In this breathtaking and electrifying book, #1 New York Times bestselling author of It Ends With Us, Colleen Hoover, takes readers on an exciting ride that ends with nothing short of confusion. Verity was originally published on December 7, 2018, as a personal indie project, according to the author and it was also a deviation from her normal method of writing.

Ever wanted to see what happens when a forbidden romance becomes the perfect recipe for disaster (asides from Romeo and Juliet of course!), then you just struck gold because this book is IT!


Lowen Ashleigh is a struggling writer who is on the brink of bankruptcy until she meets Jeremy Crawford and accepts what seems to be the opportunity of a lifetime and the big break she’s been waiting for. Jeremy, the husband of well-renown and bestselling author, Verity Crawford, employs Lowen to finish the last books in his wife’s ongoing series. Lowen finds out Verity cannot finish the books because of a horrible accident that left her very injured and unable to write.

She arrives at their mansion to go through Verity’s notes and finds a manuscript for an autobiography that’s not only shocking but bloodcurdling. Lowen however, decides to hide the manuscript from Jeremy and keeps all the gruesome details to herself. But, as her forbidden feelings for Jeremy begin to blossom, she starts to see all the ways she could benefit, if he reads the manuscript. Jeremy’s devotion to his wife is evident, but will it remain the same after he reads her words?

Verity book review



Verity falls into a few categories, but romance and thriller take the top two spots and suspense is a close third. Anyone who has read other books by Colleen Hoover will pick up this book, expecting it to be her usual heartwarming romance, but it is not only atypical but bizarre. Verity left me shocked and very satisfied as someone who has an undying love for books in the thriller category.


At first, I was sad for Lowen and her situation, but later became annoyed with her constant description of Jeremy and what she would like to do with him. Her selfishness was astounding, but I realized that every one of us has a hint of selfishness that might become magnified or not depending on the situation. However, I could relate to Lowen. Being a writer too, I knew the struggle of trying  to finish a book or article and then not having faith in your skills because you think it will never be good enough to be read.

Verity’s nurse seemed suspicious at first but that suspicion later shifted to the main character in this book, Verity herself. I was intrigued and repelled by her thought process, labeling her as the worst person ever. The last time I hated a character this much was when I read the Harry Potter series and they introduced Professor Umbridge.

As for Jeremy, I pitied him, having to care for a wife who might never be the same again and losing two of his children in horrible accidents. Part of me wanted him to find happiness in whatever form it may be, even if he had to go against his marriage.

However, Crew, Jeremy’s son and youngest child had my heart throughout the entire book. How someone so small had to go through such trauma and remain cheerful, still beats me. He is such a strong little boy and his character left me in tears.

Colleen Hoover Reminders of Him

Plot and Theme

The characters matched the theme and plot of the book, and their individual stories were unique. The story was neither slow nor fast-paced but progressed evenly. The romance between Lowen and Jeremy was somewhat overstretched but it was realistic (I was just impatient).


When Verity wrote ‘It has to be confusing, falling in love with a writer’s words before you meet the actual writer,’ I felt every word. People often fall in love with writers and their words but when they get to know the writer’s real persona, most get disappointed and complain. It’s a strange world but it is what is.

Colleen’s writing style has always been unique and leaves you deeply engrossed and Verity was no different. I laughed, cried, and got terrified while reading but I couldn’t put it down until I finished. This was a story that taught me that each of us has a bit of evil inside and we could either choose to let it take over or subdue it.

Humans are also naturally selfish and take any chance that will benefit them, even if it is at the expense of others. This is the lesson Verity tried to teach us and she succeeded! I have questions though so someone please tell Colleen to take my calls (Just kidding! I don’t have her number and even if I did, I wouldn’t tell anyone).


This is a story that was beautifully crafted, to leave readers in awe, wondering who is telling the truth and who is lying. I have already recommended it to most of my friends and they’re all raving about it. I give this masterpiece a solid 5 stars! The petty part of me wants to remove a few points because I have so many questions but that will be denying this book the recognition it deserves.

If you’re a lover of good reads like I am, then you should get this one. If you’re wondering how to get a copy, I’ve got you covered. Just click here and purchase it in either Kindle, Audiobook, or Hardcover.



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  • Ugochukwu Mamah

    A romantic thriller😂…
    Colleen?? Knows this writing thing too well. The description of the accident in the begining? The Details? Come on!!! I’ll always open a Colleen book!!!!

  • Fuoma

    I read this book after reading Colleen Hoover’s other romantic bestsellers and I believe that was why I wasn’t prepared for the turn this book took. Verity brought out so many emotions in me that left me so much shock. I didn’t know whom to hate, whom to sympathize with, whom to blame, just confusion. Lol, I remember my facial expression was constantly that of disbelief 🫢,😂😂😂. But in the end, I would say verity was a good read, very good read. It’s one of those books that I can never go back to, because I do not want to relive that shock again 😅😅😅.

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