Nearly all the men in lagos are mad

Nearly All The Men In Lagos Are Mad- A Crazy Insight Into The World of Lagos Men

The first thing that gets anyone interested in this book is not the cover, but the title; Nearly All The Men In Lagos Are Mad.  What a title! Those of us who are Nigerians have heard tales from several women, describing the madness that goes on in Lagos and how the species of men there seem to be from another planet.

Lagos is a state located in the southwestern part of Nigeria and is home to a variety of people from different tribes and ethnicities. Damilare Kuku tells crazy and somewhat unbelievable stories featuring distinct characters in this book that grips the reader from the first paragraph. For people who have never heard stories of Lagos or visited the place, these stories might seem far-fetched but they’re not.

Originally published in October 2021, Nearly All The Men In Lagos Are Mad is a collection of short stories that are as deep as they are hilarious.

Want to get a glimpse into what goes on in Lagos? Then you should grab a copy of this one.


NEARLY ANearly all the men in Lagos are madLL THE MEN IN LAGOS ARE MAD-EVALUATION

This book is a collection of twelve short stories told from the POV of different women and comprises regaling and detailed narrations of events. From the first story titled “Cuck-up”, to the last story titled “Independence Day”, there is a lesson to learn.

The more surprising thing is that, as ridiculous as some of these stories sound, they are actually things that happen in real life. The story that struck me the most however was Independence Day, where a woman had to encounter the man that raped her sixteen years ago and found out that while she may have moved on, that gory event was something that couldn’t be erased. All the emotions she felt while recalling the event broke me in some way.

As for the characters, each one is unique and they all tug at your heartstrings in different ways. Rest assured, you are likely to feel all sorts of emotions while reading this book.


This book is ideal for anyone who enjoys short stories and doesn’t keep craving more like me. It’s also ideal for Nigerians who are familiar with the tales of Lagos and its inhabitants.

I’ve only encountered a few Lagos men and with those experiences, the popular tales, and this book, I can concur that truly, nearly all the men in Lagos are mad.

Rating: 4/5 stars


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