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Tomorrow(내일) K-Drama Review: A Tale of Gorgeous and Powerful Grim Reapers

At the behest of my readers, I have decided to kick off K-drama reviews earlier than scheduled and I’m starting with this drama titled Tomorrow. Based on the webtoon by Liama, Tomorrow is a South Korean television series directed by Kim Tae-yoon and Sung Chi-wook.

Unorthodox dramas have been all the rave lately and Tomorrow is one of them. It not only tells a heartrending story but stars the likes of Rowoon, Lee Soo-hyuk, and Kim Hee-sun who are known for bringing life to their characters.

A grim reaper trope with a gorgeous cast? Sign me up right away!

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Tomorrow tells the story of a young man who accidentally gets involved in an accident while trying to save a man intent on committing suicide. He falls into a coma and is recruited as a grim reaper to work for a while before he regains consciousness. For someone whose only dream is to finally be employed, he is determined to do this job exceptionally, against all odds. While working, he learns the sad stories of his colleagues and tries his best to save them from their unending cycle of self-torture.


Plot & Theme

The drama centers around grim reapers who try to stop people from committing suicide and live out the rest of their lives, no matter how long or short. The main theme is suicide, which is a topic many avoid but this drama sheds light on all the right places, leaving no stones unturned. Beginning with the reasons that people and even animals may have to commit suicide, to how the right words and actions could help them change their minds.

This drama had unexpected twists and turns, with deep backstories that will leave you shedding a few tears. The episode with the dog who wanted to kill itself drew attention to animal mental health and the fact that humans are not the only ones who need mental health checks.

Diverse situations can leave a sadness so deep that people make the drastic decision to end their lives and be at peace. Kind words, deeds, and meaningful pep talks (especially when you can relate) can go a long way to change a person’s mind and give life a new meaning.

The theme was intense and perfectly executed with no excessive plot drag or unnecessary scenes. Everything from the plot to the theme and characters was well-connected and brilliantly paced.

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Choi Joon-woong: After countless job applications and interviews, Joon-woong is exhausted but remains optimistic. With his new role as a half-human-half ghost grim reaper, Joon-woong is determined to save as many people as he can. His extremely kind heart puts him at odds with his colleagues and sometimes he even gets in serious danger, but he never deters. While he knows it’s not possible to save everyone, Joon-woong is resilient.

Played by Rowoon, Joon-woong’s character is kind, strong, somewhat impatient, and impulsive.

Koo-Ryeon: Her character can only be defined as BAD-ASS and is played by Kim Hee-sun. This is one character that you’re bound to fall in love with from the very beginning. No matter how mean she appears, Koo Ryeon has a kind heart and hates injustice.

Park Joon-gil: Played by Lee Soo-hyuk, Joon-gil’s character is harsh and seemingly brutal. He does not pity suicidal persons and detests that a department was created just to save them. While the initial instinct is to hate him and his beliefs, his backstory reveals the truth and the pain buried deep within his soul.

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Lim Ryung-gu: His character is easily my second favorite in the drama after Koo Ryeon. Ryung-gu (played by Yoon Ji-on) is a formidable man but a huge softie on the inside. Having lived for centuries with deep pain and guilt, he comes off as rude and mean at first but soon evolves into a beautiful character with a heartbreaking backstory. Let it be known that my mini crush for Ji-on has developed into full-blown love.

The Jade Emperor: Contrary to the expectations, the Jade Emperor was revealed to be a woman (played by Kim Hae-sook). This fact alone brought a fresh perspective into the drama, along with the right level of mystery.

The casting was nothing short of perfect, and all the supporting characters (including our lovely dog) made this an entertaining and educative drama.




Tomorrow is a 5 out of 5 and exceeded all expectations. I will recommend it to anyone who loves a great story, has an inclination to the fantasy genre and of course, loves K-dramas.

Leave a comment if you have either watched or you’re planning to watch this drama and let’s discuss the gorgeous cast and wonderful story!


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  • Chinenye

    I definitely enjoyed the series, always looked forward to Friday and Saturday (4pm) for new episodes 😊😊 highly recommend

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