About Me


  Medical Practitioner | Creative Content Writer | Podcaster | OAP


My name is Cassandra Nworah (Cass) and this is paradise. This is my haven of creativity where the juice never runs dry! One of my life motto’s is go creative or go home. When I write, I become a different person. It is like writing creates an alter ego of me, where I am the boss, who is confident, in charge and who brings to life words and ideas. If you are like me with every fiber of your existence screaming creativity at its peak, then grab your surfboards for in this place, you and I will ride the waves of different colors of creativity expressed in its rawest form. I am as passionate as they come, with every inch of me soaked to the brim with the intense desire to explore, to discover and to create. It is who I am. And now, I welcome you to mio paradiso.